Day 2 of a 3-day Weekend

by fourteenergirl on January 19, 2015

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So, it is day two of the three-day weekend and today, we had breakfast at the beach.

Breakfast at the Beach

It is STILL hard to believe I live here. Yes, I wrote that and yes, it is hard. If anyone told me I would live in Santa Barbara someday and regularly be on the beach – at lunch time even! – I would have told them they are crazy.

This place grows on you.

And for all the DeWalts who read this silly blog (and our daughters) … Steve still feeds the wildlife. He can’t help it.

Steve feeds the birds

It’s in his code. These are the pancakes we couldn’t finish because the pile of pancakes was huge. Steve doesn’t like to waste food and so it goes the the seagulls and pigeons. Passersby are less than happy with him. I stand away to avoid potential poop and ugly glares. I’m cool like that. Plus, the photos are better over here.




All weekends should be 3-day weekends

by fourteenergirl on January 18, 2015

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If I were supreme ruler of the universe, this is what I would do – make all weekends 3-day weekends. I’ve been moaning lately about the fact that I don’t have weekends. This is what happens when you finally get the kids grown and gone and you have an established (if you’re lucky, thriving!) career and you decide to start a business. You know, just for fun, right?

So, we launched Audible Yoga and I have a three-day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King and those fun extra days off that university jobs gives you. I started with a slight hangover. This will come as no surprise to my friends, and hey, we’ve all been there. Have I told you how deliciously lip-smacking the wine is around here? Well, it is. If you have come here, you know it. If you have not, well there’s a guest bedroom ready with fresh sheets just waiting for visitors. After the wine, Steve made me a lovely fresh margarita with … fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. It was AMAZING. Hence, the hangover.

When we first dreamed up Audible Yoga, we would meet at this coffee place.

Audible Yoga Started Here I needed breakfast. I had a long slog before me. I had these great post cards – and I needed to hang them in every community board, talk with every yoga studio I could find, and generally turn all salesman-y on strangers. Hard to do and breakfast would help. Audible Yoga Launches Of course, following breakfast, I had to stop in at the SB Library to see my friend and business partner’s art. These are lovely beach colored collages she made. They are exquisite and my poor photography skills do not do them justice. Art Follows Breakfast With some food in my stomach, a big iced tea in hand and lovely art to inspire me, I gave away nearly all my post cards and people were smiling and happy when I left them. Whew! Day two of the three-day weekend tomorrow. Time for a nap.

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What do you know, it does rain here

by fourteenergirl on January 11, 2015

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Yesterday morning, Ems went out for her morning constitutional (aka the tour of the back yard while nibbling grass here and there so I can throw it up later). She came in a few minutes later, landed on the bed, and let us know she was Not Happy.

She was wet too.

So, we got up to check it out and lo and behold it was doing that weirdest of all things – it was raining in central California.

rain on the central coast

Emily went back to bed.


And there you have it.



By the end of this year …

by fourteenergirl on January 10, 2015

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by the end of this year

I read something on Facebook that got me thinking … by the end of this year, I want to have crossed of (fill in the blank) from my bucket list. It’s good to have goals (not gulls) and so I was thinking “dang, where did I put that bucket list?”

I could say ‘start my own company’ but I did that and launched the website last week, so that’s sort of cheating.

I need to find that bucket list.


Getting Ready for the New Year

by fourteenergirl on January 4, 2015

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Tomorrow I and most people head back to their ‘real’ jobs – the ones that make money, I mean. I was hoping to have more time with Mr. Man but he had to work most of the week and I was working too.

I spent some time by the ocean.

Ocean view

I got a pedicure – this is the BEFORE photo.

Before pedicure

We got to go to dinner several nights – YAY!

I read books – fun books.

I got long workouts – so much that I am sore and cannot stand up without a little ouch.

Steve is making Emily the most awesome kitty caves.

Kitty cave

So, how are you getting ready for the coming week?


Christmas in Albuquerque

by fourteenergirl on December 31, 2014

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Hey folks, sorry for the delay. I’m overworked and well, it happens.

The star of the show this Christmas was, of course, this little man.

Owen's first Christmas

As you may have predicted, boxes, ribbons, and other extraneous stuff was great fun.

Owen's first Christmas

He has the most adorable personality, and that face!

Owen's first Christmas

He loved the book his Auntie gave him – very tasty.

book - yum!

He and I spent a little time reading it and exploring the little doors that open.

books are fun

He also loved the soccer ball and spent a good deal of time ‘kicking’ it from the floor and using it as an exercise ball – complete with little huffy groans.

Owen's soccer ball

Later on, he got to meet his cousin.

Owen and Allie Jean

And his Papa learned just how to put him to sleep.

Owen and his Papa

And sometimes I get him too.

Gigi and Owen

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How we do ‘winter’ here

by fourteenergirl on December 8, 2014

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We plant flowers and vegetables. No kidding. Last week, I planted impatiens, which I used to grow in an enormous pot outside my apartment in Texas all winter long and I inter-planted them with swiss chard, my new favorite green leafy vegetable.

impatiens and swiss chard


I planted them around this lovely camellia tree I found on sale.

cute flowering tree


Wow oh wow are the geraniums doing well. Everything here BLOOMS in the ‘winter’ because it’s cooler and rainy and they just love it. Such a funny place to live.




Donuts by the Beach – Big Changes

by fourteenergirl on December 7, 2014

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So last week I started a new job. Yes JOB as in going into the office, sitting in a cube, and tapping away on a foreign computer over which I have no control and can’t even choose my own browser JOB. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with self-employment, but when my primary employer had to release me to focus on other things, I never really got the hang of marketing myself as effectively as I should. I was also immediately distracted by the effort of creating Audible Yoga, and didn’t have time to focus on finding the work I needed. So, after a year of trying to figure it out,I have decided to take a job and simply work instead of looking for work so I can focus on growing my skills and creating Audible Yoga.

It sucks for Emily – she’s a little lonely, but Steve makes her fantastic kitty tents and she snoozes much of the day. She would do this anyway while I was at home, but she had the option to go in and out and sit on my lap. We cuddle and give her loads of attention when we get home.

This morning, we had donuts on the beach. We chatted, fed the seagulls some stale bread crumbles, and wandered listening to the waves. It was lovely. I forgot to take my camera or phone, so no photos, but you’ll have to trust me. It was a great way to have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast in California.

The job is with the University of California. I am thrilled to find out that it is a challenging and creative position and I am happy to sink my teeth into it. It isn’t as flexible as I might like, but it will do. It also gives me all the rest of my days – evenings, weekends, early mornings, and lunches to focus on Audible Yoga.

So, that’s the big news … photos of more fun things coming soon.


Thanksgiving on the Left Hand Coast

by fourteenergirl on November 29, 2014

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So, our Thanksgiving was bright and warm. We decided to do something different this year and cook a brisket instead of turkey. We put the brisket in the oven on a nice, low temperature and we continued our work on the bathroom renovation. We haven’t had any time to work on it since the door finally got installed, and the first thing I did was change the color of the bathroom from the too-lively blue to a green that better matched the glass tiles in the shower.

I know, I know … I don’t like green, but it’s often the perfect color for the walls and this color is the same as the color in the guest bedroom, so I think it makes sense.

With everything tucked safely in the oven …

thanksgiving cooking

We took off on our bikes to visit the beach because why not?

goleta pier

We walked along the Goleta beach pier and did the tourist thing – take pictures of seagulls. Only tourists take pictures of seagulls, but this one was looking so funny I thought the blog readers would enjoy him.

thanksgiving seagull

We stopped by our local produce stand and picked up some fresh asparagus and headed home.

thanksgiving bike ride

We pulled the pie out of the oven and put it on the new mosaic tile trivet I made last week.

mosaic trivet

Sweet potato pie with a crunchy pecan topping …



All in all, a good day. Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific too!


Do you sit on one of these?

by fourteenergirl on November 10, 2014

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I recently bought one of these super tough exercise balls to sit on in my home office.

sit on a ball

I was noticing some stiffness in my hips due to my little snuggly girl wanting to sit on my lap while I’m working. Of course, when she’s comfy and purring I don’t want to move around the way I should because she’s so darned cute. Steve said Emily would protest the ball – no lap for her – but we worked out an arrangement.

emily gets the chair

Here’s what I’ve learned from sitting on the ball:

  • Start slowly – just an hour or so at the beginning
  • Wriggling is good – burns calories, tightens the core
  • Keep it inflated – the right height is important

I’m always wriggling around on the ball. I’m a natural fidgeter and this gives me more fidget capabilities. I once read that knitting is productive fidgeting. I also noticed that I got really tired sitting on the ball.

Yes, tired from sitting.

I was sore the first day, but a good sore – across my sides and into the hip area. It felt like a light workout, which is fine by me.

I do have to limit my ball sitting time, however, because I get really truly physically exhausted – the fidget factor.